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Rental Equipment in Tyler, TX

Flexible Rental Options

Pick a rental option that fits your needs. With our flexible daily, weekly, and monthly rental options, you get your equipment when you need it most.

Quality Maintenance

Reliable equipment is the backbone of any successful project. We ensure every piece of equipment is in great shape and ready to tackle your project.

Tailored to Local Markets

We know the local East Texas market. By understanding its needs, we provide equipment that is truly beneficial for people’s projects.

Reliable Rentals Mean Remarkable Results

Outdated equipment can cripple project efficiency, leading to costly delays and compromised safety. Make sure you’re using the best equipment that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

Get the latest equipment rental options in Tyler, TX, without burning a hole in your wallet. Whether you need heavy machinery rentals or hand tools, Connect Rentals has you covered.


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Skid Steer Rentals in Tyler, TX

Whether you’re tackling construction or property maintenance, our skid steers are the compact powerhouse you need to navigate tight spaces and handle a variety of jobs.

From moving heavy materials to grading surfaces, our skid steer rentals in Tyler, TX, are great for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Don’t just stop at a skid steer. Check out our skid steer attachment rentals in Tyler, TX, too.

Skid Steer Kubota SVL75

Farm Tractor Rentals in Tyler, TX

Running a farm or managing a piece of land demands reliable and powerful equipment. But let’s face it – not everyone needs a tractor every day.

Our farm tractor rental in Tyler, TX, you get access to well-maintained tractors without the hefty investment of owning one.

Whether you’re gearing up for a busy planting season or tackling landscaping projects, we have the perfect tractor for you.

Choose from our tractors and tractor attachment rentals in Tyler, TX, ranging in size and capabilities.

ATV Rentals in Tyler, TX

Navigating expansive fields or managing rugged terrains is hard to do without the right equipment. Boost productivity at your worksite or farm with our ATV rentals.

These side-by-side rentals in Tyler, TX, tackle tough landscapes and job sites easily. Also, these utility vehicle rentals make it easy to transport tools and materials which increases your efficiency.

Contact Connect Rentals to get these off road rentals.

8' Trailer
15' Dump Trailer
32' Gooseneck Trailer

Trailer Rentals in Tyler, TX

Whether you’re moving to a new home or hauling equipment to a job site, our diverse fleet of trailers has you covered. We offer trailer rentals in Tyler, TX, like:

  • 8′ Trailer
  • 12′ Utility Trailer
  • 15′ Dump Trailer
  • 20′ Kearney BP Trailer
  • 32′ Gooseneck Trailer

Don’t let logistics slow you down. Rent one of our trailers today and enjoy a seamless hauling experience.

Choose the trailer that suits your needs. Hook it up and hit the road with confidence.

Excavator Rentals in Tyler, TX

Whether you’re breaking ground on a construction site or tackling landscaping projects, our excavator rentals in Tyler, TX, are your key to precision.

From earthmoving to trenching, our large and mini excavator rentals are equipped with the latest technology to make your projects smoother and more efficient.

Get all your excavator and excavator rentals in Tyler, TX, at Connect Rentals.

Excavator CAT 302CR