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Jacksonville: (903) 586-8999

6' Drill Seeder (3 Point)

6′ Drill Seeder (3 Point)

6' End Wheel No-Till Compact Drill

  • The Great Plains 606NT Pull-Type No-Till Drill’s compact design is ideal for seeding into everything from pasture renovations to food plots. It features nine 06 Series Openers and a choice of 5/16″ fluted or 5/8″ Turbo Coulter blade options. The drill’s end wheel design reduces sideloading when operating on contours and curves, eliminating premature opener wear.
  • Other features combine to create a system designed for long-term dependability. These include heavy-duty coulters, an easy-to-access calibration crank, a central grease bank, lockout hubs for transport, and optional weight brackets.
  • The 606NT comes standard with a 12-bushel capacity main seed box. Additional seed boxes include a 1.44-bushel small seeds box or a 6-bushel native grass box for increased productivity across a broad range of seeding applications.

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