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Jacksonville: (903) 586-8999

32' Gooseneck Trailer

32′ Gooseneck Trailer

32' Gooseneck Dovetail Trailer with Ramps

The 22GN from Big Tex is our durable gooseneck trailer equipped with 10K heavy-duty axles with Dexter Adjustable suspension. This unit features a low-profile pierced-beam frame, LED lights, adjustable dual jacks, a chain box and a crank-style adjustable coupler


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Heavy-Duty Adjustable Suspension System
Ball Adjustable Square Crank Coupler
Pierced-Beam Frame
Lower profile for better load angles
Collapsible Rear Bumper
Dual Jacks
Lockable Toolbox
Tie-Down Pockets Along Sides
Two Side Bed Steps & Handles
Heavy-Duty Rub Rail
Radial Tires
Spare Tire & Wheel

Model# Weight Description
22GN-20+5 5,800# 102″ x 20′ + 5′ Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck
22GN-25+5 6,300# 102″ x 25′ + 5′ Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck
22GN-28+5 6,900# 102″ x 28′ + 5′ Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck
22GN-30+5 7,200# 102″ x 30′ + 5′ Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck
22GN-32+5 7,500# 102″ x 32′ + 5′ Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck
22GN-35+5 7,950# 102″ x 35′ + 5′ Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck
22GN-36 7,200# 102″ x 36′ Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck (Straight)
22GN-40 7,800# 102″ x 40′ Tandem Dual Wheel Gooseneck (Straight)


Trailer Weights & Capacities

Trailer Weights & Capacities
Length Empty Weight Payload Box Capacity
20’+5′ 5,800# 18,100# n/a
25’+5′ 6,300# 17,600# n/a
28’+5′ 6,900# 17,000# n/a
30’+5′ 7,200# 16,700# n/a
32’+5′ 7,500# 16,400# n/a
35’+5′ 7,950# 15,950# n/a
36′ 7,200# 16,700# n/a
40′ 7,800# 16,100# n/a



G.V.W.R. 23,900#
G.A.W.R. (Ea. Axle) 10,000#
Coupler 2-5/16″ Ball Adj. Square Crank Type
Safety Chains 3/8″ Grd. 70 w/Safety Latch Hook (2 each)
Jacks Dual 12,000# Drop Leg Jacks (Bolted On)
Frame 12″ I-Beam, 16# (19# on 28 Trailer & Longer)
Crossmembers 3″ Channel
Axles (2) 10,000# Dual Wheel w/ Electric Brakes (Oil Bath)
Suspension Heavy Duty 30,000# Adjustable
Tire ST235/80 R-16 Load Range E Dual
Wheel 16″ x 6″; Black Dual Wheel 8 Bolt
Floor 2″ Treated Pine or Douglas Fir*
Lights L.E.D. D.O.T. Stop, Tail, Turn & Clearance
Elec. Plug 7-Way RV
Finish (Prep) Steel is Cleaned to Ensure a Professional Smooth Finish.
Finish Superior Quality Finish is Applied for a Highly Decorative and Protective Finish.


2-5/16″ Ball Adjustable Coupler- Square Crank Type  
Dual 12,000# Drop Leg Jacks (Bolted on) w/Greasable Handle  
102″ Overall Width  
Low Profile Bed, Pierced- Beam Frame Design  
Lockable Toolbox Between GN Uprights  
(2) Side Bed Steps & Handles  
3/8″ Heavy Duty Rub Rail  
Stake Pockets Along Sides, 24″ On Center  
1-1/4″ Pipe Chain Spools Between Tie Down Pockets  
Dexter Brand Axles  
Oil Bath Hubs  
Forward Self Adjusting Brakes  
Heavy Duty 30,000# Adjustable Suspension by Dexter Axle  
Torque Tube Standard on 28 (Flat Deck) & Longer  
Grommet Mount Sealed Lighting  
L.E.D. Lighting Package  
Sealed, Modular Wiring Harness  
Spare Tire Mount (Top of Neck)  
5 Dovetail w/ 5 Double Hinged Spring Assist Flip-Over Ramps  
Complete Break-A-Way System w/Charger  
Zip Breakaway Cable  
Radial Tires  
Spare Tire & Wheel-Standard Equipped  


Category Description
BODY Blackwood Rubber Infused Floor
BODY Removable Deck on the Neck- Bolt On (8 W x 6 L)
BRAKES Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes (Disc)
BRAKES Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes (Drum)
CARGO CONTROL 4″ Sliding Winch
CARGO CONTROL 4″ Weld-On Winch
CARGO CONTROL 4″ x 30 Strap
CARGO CONTROL B 40 5/8″ D-Ring
CARGO CONTROL Low Profile Tool Box 12″ x 18″ x 36″ (Side Mount)
CARGO CONTROL Sliding Winch Track (Per 6 Section)
JACK Dual 2-Speed Landing Gear
JACK Dual Electric Over Hydraulic Jacks by Stillwell
RAMPS (2) 5 MEGA Ramps
RAMPS 8 Rear Slide-In Ramps (Straight Deck Only)
RAMPS No Dovetail Option (Deletes Dovetail & Ramps)
TIRE/WHEEL Tire Upgrade (ST235/85 R-16 LR-G Dual) Includes Spare